Life is the night - Bes Z

I'm finally taking some time to write down a few words on this blog. There are two major facts that I want to talk about:

  1. I'm still alive - for those whom feel concern about that, I just want to say "thank you, guys !"
  2. time is running

A lot of good things happened in my personal and professional life. My second daughter was born last year and I've got a new position, yes I'm now Team Lead. Unfortunately I don't have a lot a spare time anymore so my contribution to opensource, even if it still exists, is rather low but I'm working on that and hope to come back soon.

So am I going to post here more often? Well, probably not. That said, you can follow me on various social networks where I tend to post on a regular basis.

See you there, then!

Picture by Bes Z